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April 04, 2007


Yonatan Lang

Keep in mind that for a big guy like George (~79 kg), that's 5.7 watts/kg. For a smaller rider that weighed in the 140 range you'd "only" have to put out in the range of 355 watts to maintain an average of 5.7 watts/kg. Either way, 30 minutes of that would be enough to send anyone to Pain-Town


Basso is apparently 70kg, so does that mean that if basso was putting put 450watts (>6.4w/kg) then george was putting out >505 watts (excluding aero stuff) ?

Steve Wagner

No Basso's numbers from his SRM where 405 watts so they "computed" George's numbers to 450 from the weight difference and ascension time. I have been told there is some website or spread sheet that you can access that comutes this for you (in german I was told...). If anyone knows it please send a link to me.

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