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March 12, 2007


Greg Keller

Are you saying the following riders have been signed to ride for slipstream for the 2008 season? or just speculation? If so, seems like a huge move in the right direction for gaining pro-tour status.

Steve Wagner

From people close to Slipstream, this is more then speculation. But UCI rules govern that a rider can not sign before July. With the owner putting his personal money in the team similar to Thom Weisel the team should not have an issue securing the bank gurantees for the UCI. I suppose that the monopoly on Pro Tour Licenses will dictate if they become Pro Tour when the liceseses are up for renewal...

Steve Wagner

I am going to fire one more name I would not be surprised to join Slipstream. Tyler Farrar.

After two years with Cofidis, I am willing to bet that Johnathan and the staff would like to pick up a guy with a good future and has proven he hang in the pro ranks. This one is PURE SPECUALTION.

Nancy Toby of Lanterne Rouge Blog

Well done! It will be interesting to watch, that's for sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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